Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last week a large tree collapsed and fell in the Pre Primary area landing on several students.  All students are now safely back at school.  Following this unfortunate accident, children were kept away from all large trees until a thorough site inspection could be undertaken by a qualified arborist.  This occurred on Friday.  In order to get the best advice a very experienced and respected arborist from outside Bunbury was brought in  This arborist has some long term concerns about a few trees on site, however has assured me all trees on site pose no immediate danger to students.  The tree that fell was, in his opinion, due to what he referred to as a compression split.  This occurs when two trees trunks form from the one stump, the new trunk is often referred to as a ‘sucker’.  No other trees on site have this occurring.  Concern from parents is understandable.  When schools have pursued such a nature based grounds, large trees can be dangerous.  Schools need to ensure when planting trees that they select trees that are appropriate for schools, and not varieties that drop limbs.  The Withers community is keen to see more trees planted and the school is currently planning a large forest area.  Working with local horticulturalists and utilising recommended trees will not eliminate this risk but assist in reducing it.  Managing similar situations are important in maintaining enthusiasm for grounds development.


Juliet Robertson said...

Hi Stuart

It sounds like you have done everything correctly in terms of having the trees assessed by a specialist. The aim should be to make the grounds as safe as necessary and not as safe as least that's the health and safety advice given here in the UK.

I hope the school has been able to make good use of the fallen tree in some way, shape or form.

Thanks very much for your report - it arrived a couple of days ago.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

hi withers its ethan and seraphene

Theodore Dishon said...
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