Friday, July 1, 2011

Withers Primary School Renamed

A first step along the road to developing a school with a more nature focued ethos has been applying to have the school remamed.  After an 18 month process involving lots of parental feedback we have been successful in having the new name approved.  From the beginning of this year Maidens Park Primary is our new name.

Withers Primary School has officially changed its name to Maidens Park.  Situated close to nearby natural hills known as “the Maidens”  which are also part of the Maidens Reserve.  Statues of 2 maidens adorn the Ocean Drive entrance to Westwood Street which is directly opposite the Maidens Reserve. 

Withers Primary School has developed a close link to the Maidens Reserve.  Students often walk to the Maidens Reserve and this has become an integral part of the school outdoor learning environment. 

The schools links to the Maidens Reserve and its developing nature based environmental program and developed a close partnership with the City of Bunbury through the Habitat Project and the school community has been involved with revegetation and book publication. 


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