Friday, August 27, 2010

Withers Primary Begins Developing Grounds

A number of projects are now underway at Withers Primary School. Our Kindergarten and Pre Primary class and Yr 1/2 classes have planted vegetable gardens. One of our local hardware stores, Bunnings spent a great deal of time assisting with planting the vegetable and native gardens and donated plants for the Year 1/2 garden. A scarecrow now graces one of the gardens with another one being constructed. In relation to developing a “Green Belt” at the school, Bunnings also donated around 50 native plants which our Yr 6 class planted at an unused end of the school oval.

The key to success remains with children being involved in developing the school grounds. Our current ad hoc approach is about to change as a new Grounds Committee has just been formed. This committee made up mainly of students but also with staff and parent representatives has been busy surveying all students across the school to ensure their views are heard. I have used my Churchill Fellowship experience to share best practice examples from across the United Kingdom with students from Withers to assist them in making choices.

Kindergarten PrePrimary Garden
Grounds Committee Tree Planting

New Native Trees

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Camp Day 3

HMAS Sydney Memorial

Raft Building


Dragon Boats

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Yr 7 Camp Day 2

Boxercise PCYC Geraldton
Radio Mama 105.5fm .
Team Games Geraldton Camp School

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Camp Day 1

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Yr 7 Camp Geraldton

Today our Year 7 class headed off to Geraldton for their much anticipated camp, with me driving the bus and 2 other staff members.  The 8 hr drive north of Bunbury went well, however the “are we there yet?” questions began within the first hour.  On arrival at the camp school we were met by Geraldton Camp School Manager Carol, who ran the children through some team games.   Games night is now up and running. 


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