Saturday, June 5, 2010

Strathconon Primary

Strathconon Primary Pictures

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Strathconon PS
Strathconon PS This was a small rural school in an isolated setting consisting of 20 students led by Head Teacher Aileen MacQueen.  Although not a large area, the school had made an outstanding use of the space they had.  Areas included: a fantastic willow tunnel, a bird hide which was supported by the Royal Society for Protection of Birds, a “blethering” area (a talking place) which was their outdoor classroom, vegetables grown in tubs outside the classroom, a large area of the garden had a variety of flowers that children had planted, well defined paths, compost bins, bird feeders, rock climbing wall as well as play equipment. A significant feature from this school that differed from others was the bright labelling and sign posting of each area which really highlighted its purpose.  The school was undergoing its inspection and I was able to have a quick chat with Alan Urquhart a HM Inspectorate of Education.  He spoke about the move from formalised National testing as a school assessment tool to self assessment, led by the Head Teacher. This  reflects the developing context within which Scottish schools now operate. Focusing  specifically on the impact of schools improving the educational experience and lives of Scottish pupils through learning and their successes and achievements, particularly the broad outcomes for learners within Curriculum for Excellence  links in very closely with the move to outdoor learning. I was very appreciative of the staff’s hospitality on what was obviously a very busy day for them.



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