Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moulsecoomb Primary School (Wales Camp)

I arrived in Northern Wales last night after a long drive from Keswick in Northern England. I am staying in a small village called Beddgelert and will be spending this week with 30 Year 6 students and 5 staff from Moulsecoomb Primary School in Brighton who are on a school camp in this area.

The main aim for me attending this camp is to see the advantages and disadvantages of a school run camp as opposed to a more structured independently run camp where external providers are utilised to deliver activities.

This school camp differs from activities Withers do on school camps in that there are many more outdoor adventure activities that are all run by the school.  Today was the students first day on camp after they undertook an 8hr bus trip from Brighton.  We walked ½ way up Mt Snowdon which is the highest mountain in England and Wales, and students were encouraged to have a swim in one of the mountain streams.  We then walked to a lake for lunch followed by free time.  We finished our walk at Beddgelert where the students were treated to some local Welsh stories.  On their return to school they will be using this for much of the basis of their own story writing.  They all had to purchase a postcard and write to their parents which I thought was a great idea.

The long trek over approx 8 miles (16kms) took all day and was a real challenge for students and gave them a sense of achievement at the end of the day.  The group seemed more close knit following this strenuous walk.  The night was finished off with an English draw in the World Cup against USA. Go the Aussies tomorrow against Germany.


elizabeth said...

Hi Stuart and Jen, Wales looks beautiful, as usual. I've done that walk with the kids and remember their amazement at the taste of the mountain stream water and their joy of sliding down little waterfalls and plunging into the icy water. A million miles away from their normal lives. Hope the rest of the week goes well. I've been loving the blog. It's such a great piece of research. I'm going to be drawing on it heavily in the re-design of our school playground. I can see a book being published out of this. I'd buy it!

Kirsty Jacobs said...

I just found this site and thought it may have been a site you haven't seen yet and it may interest you and your visiting :)

We'll talk to you tomorrow once the kids have had a look through your latest adventures :)

Room 3 said...

Mr Cumming,
Danielle: You've been gone for so long, when will you be back?
Brayden: Where would you like to be going next?
Cody-Lee: How has your trip been?
We hope to see you again soon.
Room 3 :)

Stuart Cumming said...

Thanks Kirsty, This looks great and a great resource for when I get back. I've signed up to their newsletter so thanks heaps. Really appreciate your feedback, and involvement with the Blog. Cheers


Stuart Cumming said...

Rm 3..Hi Danielle...we will be seeing you at the start of Term 3. Brayden: when we leave Wales in about 10 days we head across to England again and down to Brighton. Cody-Lee: My trip so far has been fantastic..I have seen and learnt so much. I hope you can tell by the photos how beautiful the countryside is and my head is full of ideas for Withers PS. Thanks for all your comments..I look forward to getting your emails! Mr Cumming


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