Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Conwy Castle

Pictures Conwy Castle Wales


Room 3 said...

Good Afternoon Mr and Mrs Cumming,
Cody-Lee: I like all the photos.
Danielle: Very nice view in the Conwy picture sequences.
Michael: Did you hear Australia lost 4-0?
Caleb: Was the camp view very high?
Eddy: Why don't the children wear uniform?
Brittany: Today we had Sport with Mrs Bennett and lots of people had fun, but some didn't.
Adam: Good afternoon, have a good trip.
Brayden: The building work here at school is going good.
Speak to you next week :)

Joan said...

What a wonderful place that is - I bet the children are really enjoying themselves...especially the sighting of the Yeti...what a shame you missed it :)

Emma Strong said...

I wondered if you'd visit Conwy Castle: that's a great castle for a school visit, full of places to explore. All this hiking will be keeping you fit. I get my fitness here with Rm 12 on Wednesday (skipping and fruit salad) and Thursday for cross country. Sorry to hear you missed the yeti but personally I think the otter sighting was more spectacular. I've never seen an otter in the wild in all my years of hols in Scotland.


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