Saturday, May 1, 2010

Last year I applied for and was successful in receiving a Winston Churchill Memorial Fellowship to travel to the UK. This is a National award with 120 Australians selected in 2009. 
I will be visiting  schools identified as being examples of excellence in Learning Outside the Classroom. 
This program has been credited with improving student attitudes to learning, better behaviour and raised self esteem. After meeting with previous Churchill Fellowship recipients, I have been told that this should prove the best professional learning opportunity that I will ever undertake.

   I will be visiting schools and attending conferences in England, Wales and Scotland.  The first school I will be visiting is in Brighton on the south coast of England.  Check out their 

Will keep you posted.


Joan said...

Great to read what you are to be doing St. Will be definitely following what you are up to with great interest. Wonderful that you are going to all those fantastic places. At least this a great way for us to 'almost be with you'

Joan said...
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Stuart Cumming said...
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Joan said...

You're most welcome Stu - Its looking good now :)


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