Monday, May 24, 2010


Drove up to London to pick up Mrs Cumming, then the long drive to Glasgow.  After arriving we went into Glasgow for dinner.  Glasgow is just full of historic buildings.Glasgow

I'm off to visit Glasgow schools over the next two days with Mark Irwin the Sustainable Development Officer with Glasgow City Council.  I hope to see how the partnership between local schools and the council has enhanced the children's outdoor education experience.  At Withers Primary in Australia there may be some practical application with our Maidens Reserve Habitat Project and Partnership with the City of Bunbury.

Thanks to all the Withers students who are following this Blog, and especially to Room 3 who I hear from often. 


Room 3 WPS said...

Thank you for all the interesting stuff you've put on here.
Maggie: Have you had a good time so far?
Denzel: How good is the school up there?
Adam: How was the school?
That was really interesting what you typed up there, thank you from Room 3 :)

Joan said...

Looking forward to more photos...enjoying your posts

Stuart Cumming said...

Hi Room 3 and of course mum. Maggie, I'm having a ball. All is going well. Adam the schools were excellent. I met a girl from Russia who couldn't believe I had never seen is snow. The kids today were all kept inside as they all got burnt over the weekend. One school I visited today had no grass. We are really very lucky at Withers.


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